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Sandisk microSDHC 32GB 32GB MicroSDHC Klasse 4 flashgeheugen

Sandisk microSDHC 32GB 32GB MicroSDHC Klasse 4 flashgeheugen


SanDisk® microSDHC™ 32GB mobile memory cards are one of the most sought after brand of memory for the latest generation of cell phones with microSDHC™ card slots. A SanDisk mobile memory card is a must-have companion for Smartphones with memory card slots to provide more room for storing files, video, music tracks, photos, games, and mobile software applications.

Providing you the high capacity (32GB) to meet the needs of today’s business professional. Whether you are stuck in an airport or taking a taxi to your next big pitch, SanDisk mobile memory cards enable you to meet deadlines by plugging your files directly into most phones with a microSD card slot, providing convenience and reliability.

– Take hours, not minutes, of higher-quality video. Watch your favorite movies on the go.
– Snap photos freely knowing you have the room to take extensive albums with you.
– Go from simple ring tones to a vast music library in the palm of your hand.
– Download your games and beat your top score while on the go.
My Business Files
– Turn your phone into a mobile office with easy access to saved presentations, spreadsheets and files.

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